Baby Eagles (Ages 5-6)

Alliance BJJ Washington Baby Eagles (Ages 5-6)


Kids in our Baby Eagles class will be introduced to self-defense basics and how to navigate different movements against larger opponents. In this class, fundamentals in takedowns, takedown defense, and grappling will help develop a quick response time under pressure. It is never too early to start learning self-defense and developing skills that can be used for a lifetime!


For our youngest students, Jiu Jitsu focuses primarily on holds and various ways to obtain and maintain optimal positions while on the ground. This sets BJJ apart from many other martial arts that usually have a heavy emphasis on striking and kicking. The safety of all our students is important. But with our youngest members, we achieve this by tailoring our classes to their developing abilities and motor skills.

Alliance BJJ Washington Baby Eagles (Ages 5-6)


Developing social skills and interactions with other children their age is just as important as the physical benefits Jiu Jitsu offers. It is the social aspect that typically has parents looking to put their children in sports such as soccer or t-ball without ever thinking of or considering martial arts. Jiu Jitsu is often thought of as an individual sport, but teamwork is still a huge component of everyone’s success. Your child will practice self-control, display respect, and encourage their classmates each week!


Studies have shown that confidence is one of the most important qualities a child can possess. Establishing confidence in early childhood will set them up to have high self-esteem as they get older. There are always new things to learn and personal development to be gained in Jiu Jitsu, which constantly demonstrates a student’s personal growth. As your child learns exciting and fun techniques, while being encouraged and cheered on by their instructors and new friends, their confidence will flourish!

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